Based on the paper “Skills and Requirements for a European Acquisition Manager (EAM)” of the Working Group installed by the Human Resource Directors in Armaments Network Group (HRDN), France and Germany volunteered to set up a pilot programme consisting of EDAMIC (European Defence Acquisition Manager Intercultural Course) and STAMP (Seminar for Top Armament Manager Personnel) on the HRDN-Meeting in Stockholm. These programmes should be open to all LoI nations with the intention to transfer these courses into joint LoI-HRDN activities.

STAMP was organized in 2006 and 2008 with participants from the Letter of Intent nations only. In 2009, in agreement with the Human Resources Directors in Armaments Network Group, the seminar was enlarged to participants from all member states of the European Union as well as Norway, Switzerland and Turkey. Consequently, it was renamed to EuroSTAMP (European Seminar for Top Armaments Manager Personnel).